Everyone benefits from regular saving, it allows us to work towards our financial goals and gives us peace of mind should an emergency arise

Committing yourself to a regular saving pattern can be difficult but at Flamesavers it’s easy with payroll deduction. Flamesavers members can save at an affordable level be it £5 or £100.

Small regular amounts soon add up and remember at Flamesavers you are not just another customer, but a co-owning member of an organisation which provides security and protection.

The table below give examples of how regular savings can soon add up!

Monthly Savings Table

Amount Saved: £10 £15 £30 £40 £50
Year 1 £120 £180 £360 £480 £600
Year 2 £240 £360 £720 £960 £1,200
Year 3 £360 £540 £1,080 £1,440 £1,800
Year 4 £480 £720 £1,440 £1,920 £2,400
Year 5 £600 £900 £1,800 £2,400 £3,000

Benefits of saving with Flamesavers Credit Union include:

  • Save as little or as much as you can afford
  • You will automatically receive free life insurance on any loans applied for
  • Confidentiality is respected at all times
  • No hidden charges or fees on any transactions
  • Credit Unions are mutual organisations-members savings are pooled to provide the resources for lending to other members
  • Shares are eligible for an annual dividend